Nvidia Driver and Cuda9.0 Installation

7 minute read

Tested hardware and OS configuration: OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS NVIDIA Graphic Card: Quadro M1000M Cuda Version: 9.0 Graphic Card Driver Version: 410.xx ...

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Use apt-get behind a socks5 proxy

less than 1 minute read

Nothing would be more frustrating than to install apt packages from sources outside of China, especially from PPA. If you try to update the c++ compiler to g...

Several Ways of Writing a ROS Node

5 minute read

The design of nodes varies according to the requirements of different applications. Selecting the right node pattern is pretty important for achieving certai...

rosparam_handler usage

4 minute read

There are two ways to set parameters in ROS. One is loading parameter value from yaml files to the parameter_server. It’s not flexible to adjust the values o...

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Python binding

1 minute read

Basically there are two ways to create python bindings for your ros libraries. One way is to start from scratch and shows all the necessary details to create...

Use Gtest with ROS

less than 1 minute read

There are several interesting tips you need to know about catkin tools

The Best IDE for ROS

less than 1 minute read

I have tried Eclipse, QtCreator, Clion for c++ software development in ROS.

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